Agricultural Drone Services

Agricultural spraying drones are innovating the way large-scale farming is being carried out in Australia. They are very suitable and agile for working in vast agricultural land and rough terrains with high efficiency.

Our agricultural drones are equipped with the latest in mapping and imaging technology, so you can get a detailed view of your crops from above. This information will help you make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilisation, and pest control.

With our drones, you can collect data on every square inch of your farm. You’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts for maximum results. And our team is always available to help you interpret the data and make the most of it along with many other services that we can provide.

Agricultural Spraying Drone

UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) are revolutionising how large-scale farming is done with agricultural spraying due to their extensive advantages. Drones are now considered essential for the Australian professional farming.

Agricultural spraying drones allow for increased coverage and efficiency of spray application per land area on a shorter time than a backpack sprayer, with the added advantage of water savings and precise chemical application.

Our agricultural drone has up to 95% coverage rate when compared to other aerial application methods.

Spraying Drone Benefits

Cost Savings
Thanks to precision control systems, there are significant annual chemical savings depending on crop types.

Pest and Disease Control
The use of drone technology services over conventional spray techniques reduces spray drift, ground loss, and pesticide use.

All Terrain and Weather Resistant
Drone sprayers can cover huge areas of land and harsh conditions with ease while being very flexible in the weather.

Drone Aerial Surveys & Mapping

We utilise autonomous mapping drones to conduct 2D and 3D mapping. We are also able to utilise our multispectral camera drone to create Ortho maps to assist with assessing crop health which helps target affected areas and reduces costs.

Our team of highly skilled drone specialists are experts in using drones for 2D and 3D mapping. Our drones are equipped with precise navigation systems that allow us to survey vast areas quickly and efficiently, capturing precise data down to the smallest detail.

Mapping Drone Benefits

Aerial surveying drones are faster, less expensive, and more accurate than traditional methods. For example, it would take a ground surveyor 2-4 hours to survey a quarter-acre lot using traditional methods, a 3-acre lot on foot is around 6-8 hours. whereas a drone could do the same job in around five minutes. (depending on altitude, overlap, and camera specifications). This is because drones are not hindered by dense vegetation or difficult terrain, which also improves safety.

A survey drone with a high-resolution camera flying at low altitudes and speeds can achieve incredibly accurate results.

Drone Granular Spreading

Our aerial drone spreader, can effectively dispense granular seeds, fertilisers or pesticides on up to 12 acres of land per hour, a task that would take 150 labourers to complete.

Our spreader drones feature a high-speed, focused airflow. Granules such as seeds and fertilizers are propelled by powerful spinner and projected effectively and precisely to wherever needed.

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