DJI Mini 2 SE

Ready to fly? Do it with the new DJI Mini 2 SE, the best new beginner drone from DJI that’s packed with features yet easy to fly. Sporting a 2.7K camera, a variety of intuitive creative features and more, DJI Mini 2 SE provides a fantastic entry point into drone piloting and aerial content creation.

Plus, with the help of DJI Academy on the DJI Fly app, learning the ropes has never been easier!

How does the DJI Mini 2 SE compare to the original DJI Mini SE?

The DJI Mini 2 SE improves flight experiences for beginner pilots in three key ways:

– Better video transmission with DJI O2 transmission technology

– A greatly improved remote controller experience with the DJI RC-N1

– Support for more creative features and in-depth camera controls