DJI Agras T40 Kit with Spreader, D-RTK Base Station, M3M & 8KvA Generator

The new flagship from DJI’s industry-leading DJI AGRAS agriculture drone line, the DJI AGRAS T40 sets a new standard for agriculture drones, delivering greater performance, efficiency and software integration than any other AGRAS.

The T40 is DJI’s most productive agriculture drone to date, an all-in-one solution that allows users to map, survey, spread and spray based on their needs. T40 is designed to save you time and money with intuitive automation, coverage of up to 21 hectares per hour, improved safety features and fast-charging batteries. If you or your organisation operate extensively across farmland and orchards, T40 will help you streamline processes for greater results.

  • T40 Drone
  • 40 Litre Spray Tank
  • Spreader
  • 2-channel charger
  • 3pcs batteries
  • RTK Base Station
  • Mavic 3M
  • Mavic 3 Battery Kit
  • Genelite 8KvA Generator
  • 2pce WB37 Batteries
  • 12 Months Subscription to DJI Terra
  • Access to DJI Smart Farm
  • Free Delivery